-162°C: Trading Power
Doha Edition 


At -162°C natural gas becomes liquid. Japan is the top LNG purchaser for Qatar. Although mostly economic, this unique agreement impacts culture, lifestyle, and geopolitics. This installation investigates the implications of this trade, and translates it into generated material printed by a kinetic installation of 40 floating printers.

Joint project and exhibition by the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology and VCUarts Qatar hosted at the Firestation as part of the 10th edition of Tasmeem Doha, a biennial international Art + Design conference.

I worked with Levi Hammmet and George Paul, to write a program using Processing, that controls the file selection structre, and the timed printing choreography for the installed printers.

Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
Giovanni Innella

VCUarts Qatar
Maryam Al-Homaid, Nathan Ross Davis, Levi Hammett, Michael Hersrud, Simone Muscolino, Reham Mohamed, Sarah Elawad, Hind Al Saad & George Paul.

Photographs by Raviv Cohen