In the past decade generative design has become an emergent area of creative practice. Instead of designing individual objects, systems are programmed with rule-based controls to iterate over potential outcomes. These systems utilize random generation within fixed parameters to procedurally create endless explorations of the form they are designed to make.

This thesis investigates the potential of code as a tool for personal creative practice, specifically for generative graphic illustrations and form-making. This edition represents the variations of spaceships, made from geometric shapes, inspired by the space race illustrations of the 1950s and 60s. The iterative capacity of the procedural engine mirrors the human ambition that fueled that era’s explorations.

The intent for creating spaceships is a way for the viewer to playfully engage with the potential of code as a creative tool, and to spark their imagination and curiosity towards human space exploration.

Form - Structure - Iteration - Exhibition

bfa thesis twenty nineteen
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