The class was an experimental introduction to using code as a creative tool within a design practice. The semester-long course was divided into five peojects to cover and explore different elements of design in intersection with code: basics, image, type, data visulisation, and sound. Below are a selection of the students explorations from each project.

Class was in the Fall of 2020, I was TA-ing the Code in Design Graphic Design elective at Virginia Commenwealth University in Qatar, with Levi Hammett. All the projects were coded using openFrameworks.

#computation #teaching
/introduction to coding/ project
>> exploring basic shapes, colours, for loops, and math functions like the sine wave:

/image/ project
>> exploring different methods of manipulating images by accessing the pixel information and redrawing them > printed out their explorations onto fabric to create objects:

/type/ project
>> exploring loading in and storing typefaces as vector information, and manipulating the points to distort or layer the letters:

/data visualisation/ project
>> exploring different ways of translating data from a csv file into a visual forms:

/sound/ project
>> exploring different ways of using sound inputs to control the shape, movement, and colour of the graphic forms: