Coding for Design: 
GDES Elective Course

In the Fall of 2020, I was TA-ing the Code in Design graphic design elective at Virginia Commenwealth University in Qatar, with Levi Hammett.

The class was a playful and experimental introduction to Creative Coding + Generative Art. The project was initally supposed to end with plotter drawings of the generated graphics - however because of the online transition of the class because of COVID, the final outcome of the class shifted to become interactive graphics embedded into each students portfolio site. The students had access to a library of Source Code examples, and they had to choose one to fork, and edit the code and parameters to make it their own. Below are a selection of the students explorations from each project:

/introduction to coding/ project >> exploring basic shapes, colours, for loops, and math functions like the sine wave in openFrameworks:

/image/ project >> exploring different methods of manipulating images by accessing the pixel information and redrawing it in openFrameworks
**they then printed out their explorations onto fabric to create objects:

/type/ project >> exploring loading in and storing typefaces as vector information, and manipulating the points to distort or layer the letters in openFrameworks:

/data visualisation/ project >> exploring different ways of translating data from a csv file into a visual form in openFrameworks:

/sound/ project >> exploring different ways of using sound inputs to control the shape, movement, and colour of the graphic forms in openFrameworks: