Hind Al Saad

Teaching + Workshops —

Playful Procedures
Playful Procedures 2.0
Recursive *Riso*
Automated Aesthetics
Coding for Design

Computational Art — 

xLab: analogPixels
Infinite Magnetism
Encoded Terrains of Change
BFA Thesis: Engine of Endless Explorations
-162: Doha Edition
-162: Tokyo Edition
Scale Solar System
Dadu E-Cards

Design Objects — 

Peculiar Pets of Doha
Stages of a Spaceship
The Vinyl Voyager
The Apollo Matchbox
The Vikings Instrument
I Want to Believe
Unwrap Candy & Memories
Balaleet in a Box
The Perfect Life
Patterns of Change

Flat/Digital Designs —

Kepler 186f
Martian Mail
Pop Up Martian Landscape
Hidden Mysteries & Stories
DOH to RIC Postcards
The Pandorica Opens
Take Me To The Moon
Bayan Videos
Zest Zine
Pushing Daisies Posters
Doha Havana
Monitoring Movements
Journey of Light
Gulf Greetings
Domestic Affairs

Info —

a. artist, designer, maker, and creative coder based in doha.
b. create emergent graphical forms, both digital and physical, using procedural systems.
c. explore the endless ways finite rules can create infinite results.

If you want to ask about my work, or you want us to work together, send me an email and I’ll get back to you within twenty-four hours. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Domestic Affairs
Doha Fire Station


Domestic Affairs is a travelling exhibition which explores the house as an interface to our social, economic and political lives. Our home is not just the place where we live; it is a place where we encounter friends and strangers, where we exchange goods and services, where we engage or influence political systems, and where we participate in the global community.

The house is a home to a paradox. It houses the simultaneous desire to share private matters in the public realm and to seek privacy in public. While we install wifi-blocking technology, we invite unknown guests to rent one of our rooms for a night or two.

Initiated by Bureau Europa and originally curated by Giovanni Innella and Agata Jaworska, the third edition of Domestic Affairs is in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUQatar) and the Doha Fire Station - Artist in Residence.

The Doha edition included a selection of works by VCUQatar students from the Art Foundation and MFA programs.