Domestic Affairs
Doha Fire Station


Domestic Affairs is a travelling exhibition which explores the house as an interface to our social, economic and political lives. Our home is not just the place where we live; it is a place where we encounter friends and strangers, where we exchange goods and services, where we engage or influence political systems, and where we participate in the global community.

The house is a home to a paradox. It houses the simultaneous desire to share private matters in the public realm and to seek privacy in public. While we install wifi-blocking technology, we invite unknown guests to rent one of our rooms for a night or two.

Initiated by Bureau Europa and originally curated by Giovanni Innella and Agata Jaworska, the third edition of Domestic Affairs is in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUQatar) and the Doha Fire Station - Artist in Residence.

The Doha edition included a selection of works by VCUQatar students from the Art Foundation and MFA programs.