An interactive, generative artwork that is coded to exist forever. Every edition, from one to the current limit of 7,777,777, is compositionally unique and can be owned as an ink plotted print. Every 10 years, a new digit will be added to the unique code, extending the edition number and making the work truly infinite. Infinite Magnetism editions are sold exclusively through BAWA; the gallery that commissioned this generative system.

The system is a recreation of Dr. Ahmed Mater’s Magnetism series, the code uses a magnetic field simulator to recreate the same effects of the iron fillings and magnet in the original work. The breakdown of the code can be found below.

First official seven generations of Infinite Magnetism have been generated by Ahmed Mater himself. When printed using the pen plotter, the images take on a sense of tangible permanence that further engraves the editions into the work’s everlasting archive:


Real-time code generating Infinite Magnetisim:

Detailed Breakdown of the Code -
written with p5.js: