shifting : perspectives && approaches:

     history of computation >> west-centric >

         pace of computation >> efficiency & consumption >                                             calmness & contemplation
Through my research, I plan on shifting perspectives and approaches in my practice.

Shifting my historical perspective of computational art to extend further back and include its precursor history of Islamic art.

Shifting my pace of production and processes, from the usual ethos technology has of speed, efficiency, and quick consumption, to creating an experience with a pace of calmness and contemplation, embodying the ethos of Islamic arts.

contemplation > islam

is considered an important part of our worship, over 30 verses in the Quran emphasize the importance of the practice of contemplating and reflecting on the creations of Allah SWT

connecting : contemplation ++ computation :

        words of remembrance ++ concrete poetry
        natural phenomena ++ natural systems


        frameworks/systems : islamic principles :
                                  repetition, rotation, growth, … 
These are some of the possibilities for connecting contemplation with computation within my thesis:

> through creating visual compositions of words of remembrance from Islamic practice, in the systems of concrete poetry: which is a historical precedent within computational art.

> or exploring natural phenomena that Quranic verses mention in relation to contemplation, in combination with the precedent of computational art mimicking and recreating natural systems.

These various intersections can be explored and developed through frameworks inspired by Islamic visual art systems; like symmetry, repetition, rotation, … So the work within the thesis isn’t a direct replica of either artforms, but an abstracted mesh of approaches and elements,