Developing an Artistic Practice with
Computation rooted in Islamic Spirituality

Islamic Arts are the precursor to Computational Art; even though they may seem to live in separate eras of time and location, they have threads that connect them through aesthetics and underlying structures – geometry, math, algorithms, and the infinite.

This thesis aims to translate these connections into new systems, to create experiential graphics and artifacts that fold Islamic principles into the medium of computation – developing a computational artistic practice rooted in Islamic spirituality and contemplation.

Transforming the medium of technology we often interact with into one that evokes a state of contemplation within ourselves as Muslims. To present an alternative experience of technology; from one of speed, production, and consumption into an experience of slow intention, calmness, and reflection.

{Research Questions}

>> How can I cultivate a contemplative computational artistic practice?

>> What would computational graphics and artifacts look like if they embodied the essence of Islamic spirituality and practices?